a cupreous donkey

(double bass solo)

In this solo performance, I combine my sound aesthetic considerations as an improviser and composer with personal experiences and feelings. The double bass and its player become a “sound installation,” non-drama becomes drama, fear becomes aesthetic. The interior and exterior of the double bass form the material for self-reflection:

  • “Acoustic feedback” (inner world): sounds/overtones/multiphonics are played and established with and against the fundamental frequencies of the body and the resonating strings.
  • “Electronic feedback” (outside world): By amplifying with pick-ups, transducers, a mixer and volume pedals as well as by (de-) tuning the double bass to specific spatial frequencies, more layers are made audible and thus involved in the discourse.

Previous concerts:

1/8/2010: Viennese Soulfood, Roter Bogen(Vienna/A) surround setup with Sixtus Preiss (sound design)
12/1/2010: Klangmanifeste, Echoraum (Vienna/A), acoustic
1/26/2011: Klub Moozak, Fluc (Vienna/A): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7JLOMVwUKE8

2/6/2011: Share, Issue Project Room (New York City/US): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIz2arKrEuE
4/13/2011: Biegungen, Ausland (Berlin/D)
7/3/2011: Jüdisches Theater Wien (Vienna/A), acoustic
10/15/11: New Adits, Raj (Klagenfurt/A)
10/24/11: szkiz, Roter Bogen (Vienna/A) surround setup with Sixtus Preiss (sound design)