Meaghan Burke (US): cello
Bernd Klug: double bass

Blending song forms, Viennese-improv soundscapes, and NY rapid-fire energy, Meaghan Burke (the New Yorker – cello, sometimes vocals) and Bernd Klug weave spontaneous compositions out of lush harmonic wanderings, eerie subtextual murmurs, off-kilter slow-grooving song miniatures, and manic freejazz outbursts.


Danielle Dahl (NO): saxophone
Bernd Klug: double bass

Danielle Dahl and Bernd Klug met in the Czech Republic the summer of 2010, and did their first duo concert in Vienna in September. Inspired by the music and philosophy of John Cage and Morton Feldman they explore silence, not as the absence of sound but as a valid aesthetic element. Klug and Dahl are working in an area rarely heard in the double bass/saxophone format: the saxophone never bursts into the typical explosion of loud, macho squeaks, and the bass works more in the foreground than background. Like zooming into a motif with a camera, so close that the object eventually loses its original attributes and becomes something else, they disrupt the listeners’ sense of time and challenges the norm of what beauty can sound like.

Le Cowboy

“If Meaghan Burke (cello), Bernd Klug (double bass), and David
Schweighart (drums), three thrillingly high-energy
improvisers, were to release their full power in the trio “le cowboy,”
they would likely end up with a graveyard of (lovingly) destroyed
instruments. Fortunately, they don’t. Le cowboy lets its story unfold
slowly – a story of a music on the brink of self-destruction, a music
that simmers, stutters, scratches against its own boundaries in the
constant drama of expectation of a climax which is never to be


Gabi Teufner: flute
Meike Melinz: flute
Gloria Damijan: piano
Bernhard Schöberl: guitar
Bernd Klug: double bass