bard bench

(sound sculpture at the 2nd year Show at the Bard college MFA program)

June 2014

(recorded by Geoff Mullen)

In this object I used a resonant wooden bench in the Fisher Studio Arts Center at Bard College as a feedback string sculpture/instrument. I attached  four transducers on the bench and mounted 4 piezo disks on the ceilings. Through these I  threaded a piano string from one side of the bench to the other, where it was kept under tension by a swinging metal plate with a bass transducer attached.
This basic In and Output system enabled the different parts of the string to sing and created changing rhythmic patterns dependent on the relationship of the different strung lengths.

There where different ways to hear it:
gentle and subtle through the hallways
in the room
next to it
sitting on the bench (added more bass and you could feel the vibration)
on headphones, the clean loud signals of the four piezo disks

1 piano wire
4 piezo discs
4 transducer
1 metal plate with attached bass transducer
2 preamps
1 amplifier
1 motu mk3 sounddevice as a mixer

bard bench metal plate

bard bench transducers

bard bench strings and wires