edits for Rechnitz Hall

Sound Installation ( ce.ins_0006 )

@ Monmouh University, Nov 20. 2014

monmouth installation pic

presented by contour editions and the Art Now Series with artist talk and live performance

This sound installation features my newest developments around a piano-wire based interactive feedback system. Strings conduct audio signals and create acoustic and visual fields and relationships. edits is based on different ways of mounting the wires without fixing them at both ends. Magnets, weights and flexible walls make this system an open one, offering options as much as it presents decisions. Room frequencies, wavelengths and the connection points of the strings determine a spatial and time-based environment which questions the framework of the Rechnitz Hall as a well defined exhibition space. Using the means of transducers, piezo- disks, single coils and speakers, the found sounds amplifie and create an interactive situation, blurring the lines between sculpture, architecture, instruments and sound. In a performance, students get a chance to play this sound installation in different ways, transforming architecture directly into an orchestra.

Materials: piano wire, magnets, rods, piezo-discs, single coils, transducer, flexible walls and speakers.