solo double bass

Cold Commodities

Solo Debut CD


Innova 902

Bernd Klug: double bass, electric bass, electronics

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This album is the product of years of solo concerts and work in the studio, throughout which I was developing ways of enabling the double bass / bass frequencies to ring freely while designing specific scenarios to tell stories about the people and things that surround me.

Besides multitrack acoustic double bass, feedback double bass, or electric bass, each track features a “guest artist”. These “artists” include sonifications of a satellite dish, my recording device’s CPU, my wireless LAN router, an impulse response space design (homemade reverb chambers of my apartment), a conversation in front of my window, my neighbor’s Mexican music, my US Artist Visa proposal (data conversion via a hex editor), local police transmissions, and a cupreous donkey.

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a cupreous donkey

(double bass solo)

In this solo performance, I combine my sound aesthetic considerations as an improviser and composer with personal experiences and feelings. The double bass and its player become a “sound installation,” non-drama becomes drama, fear becomes aesthetic. The interior and exterior of the double bass form the material for self-reflection:

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