It’s highly recommended to listen on a proper sound system or headphones. The low frequencies might not be audible on laptop speakers.

When I walked into the room,

Sound Installation for the Bard MFA Thesis Exhibition 2015, UBS Red Hook, NY

Video by Taryn Haydostian ( )

traces of [dis]location @ Austrian Cultural Forum NYC

Documentation by New Music USA about traces of [dis]location in advance to the commissioned work ‘string quartet and skyscraper’. September 2015

Bearing @ Galerie Freihausgasse

Bearing – an exhibition by Johanna Tiedtke and Bernd Klug at Galerie Freihausgasse, Villach AT.
News clip from ‘Kärnten Heute”, ORF by Michaela Mondschein 5/8/2015.

Leave the Bass Alone, 5 basses, a little bit

“Leave the Bass Alone, 5 basses” is a sound installation featuring the feedbacks of 5 double basses and 4 spotlights controlled via DMX with an Arduino microcontroller.
It took place as a part of my scholarship/residency at Harvestworks, NYC in October 2012.

“a little bit” is a piece in which I actively controlled the volumes of the basses, leaving them mostly alone, but manipulating them just “a little bit.”

‘a cupreous donkey’ live @ Klub Moozak

at Klub Moozak # 43, Fluc, Vienna 1/26/2011

solo @ CoCArt 2014

first half of a recent double bass solo concert at the CoCArt Music Festival CWS, Torun (PL)

bassscapes, nyc

This is a sample of a series of 3 minutes field recordings through piezo pickups of a double bass. Manhattan, NYC April 2012

 T-Shit live @ Fluc

Klub Moozak, Fluc, Vienna/AT
January 30th 2013

T-Shit is:

Bernhard Hammer: guitar (
Bernd Klug: bass
Sixtus Preiss: drums (

Le Cowboy (US/AT) @ Wombat Zone

US-Tour 2012, live at Wombat Zone, Boston, MA 3/24/2012

Meaghan Burke: cello
Bernd Klug: double bass
David Schweighart: drums

Burke/Weichselbaum/Lercher/Klug @ Echoraum

Vienna 5/23/2012

Meaghan Burke: cello
Reni Weichselbaum: recorders
Daniel Lercher: bass clarinet
Bernd Klug: double bass

‘a cupreous donkey’ live @ share

double bass solo @ share, Issue Project Room NYC